Verizon Holiday: Warm up your gifting

ASK: While a tech gifts may come from the heart, they can often be interpreted as impersonal or cold. When it comes to gifting tech, how do you make it special?

IDEA: Macaroni crafts, flowers “just because”, a hand-knitted scarf from gran – these heartwarming gestures prove that the thought really does count. We teamed up with Anna Akana to inspire VZ customers to "warm up their gifting" with tips that provided both thoughtfulness and utility.

RESULTS: The Canvas created an experience that proved to be immersive and engaging for users. It drove a CTR +618% above link bench with a total of 548K link clicks — the best performing ad in the entire holiday campaign.

ROLE: We came up the idea and executed the final deliverables for this campaign.

The Canvas 


The Tech Tips

We thought up gift-giving tips for every tech gift. Check them out below.