Score The iPhone by Verizon

ASK: For the 2018 iPhone launch, Verizon partnered with Apple to offer free Apple Music with the purchase of every new iPhone. Our task was to make people aware of the partnership through a first-of-its-kind activation.

WORK: To do this, R/GA partnered with Snapchat to create the first music mixer in the form of an AR game. People could use their phones to search their surroundings for AR music loops. Each of the 39 loops was a breathtaking visualization of the music genre it represented. Users could collect and mix loops to create their own unique mixes. Over a million people participated and the very best won new iPhones on Verizon.

ROLE: We were brought onto this project to help bring it to life. We led the creation of all the promotional assets.

The Case Study:

The Experience:


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