Verizon Holiday Hintlist

Ask: Few consumers realize that Verizon sells more than just phones. The ask was to highlight all the AMAZING tech that Verizon offers over the holidays... without mentioning deals.

Idea: We gave customers a new way to ask for tech gifts via an unexpected platform: Spotify playlists. Reading down the playlist, you’ll notice that the song titles reveal a secret message – a not-so-subtle way of letting loved ones know what you REALLY want for Christmas.

The Case Study

The Playlists

Read the song titles in order from top to bottom to see the hidden message. Check out other hintlists here

Next Thermostat

Moto Z2 Force

UE Boom Speaker


Moto Z2 Force

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Gear S3

How it worked

download (4).jpeg