The parade that was #ConnectedByPride

INSIGHT: Many people aren't able to participate in pride festivities (because of fear, location, family/societal pressure, and so on). 

IDEA: Verizon, a tech leader with a strong history of inclusion, will connect the country through a first-of-its-kind digital pride parade.

ROLE: We saw this campaign through from start to finish… from the concept phase to the sizzle video. It started as a non-Verizon specific, all-agency proactive brainstorm for Pride month and grew into one of Verizon’s most successful social-campaigns of all time (in terms of positive feedback).


The Sizzle


The Landing Page (13).gif

When we’re connected by pride, not even distance can keep us apart.

From big cities to small towns, we’re stronger when we’re #ConnectedByPride. That’s why we’re hosting the first digital pride parade – so people across the country can march side-by-side, celebrating equality and inclusion for all.



The User Flow


Intro & Parade

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Recording Experience


Editing Video


Loading Screen


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The Social

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